Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Jackdaw by Luke Delaney

The Jackdaw
By Luke Delaney
Published by Harper Collins UK (Paperback - 24 September 2015)
ISBN: 978-0007585700

Publisher's description
Guilty or not guilty?
A lone vigilante is abducting wealthy Londoners and putting their fate in the hands of the public. Within hours of disappearing, the victims appear on the internet, bound to a chair in a white room.
Revenge or mercy?
Their crimes of greed and incompetence are broadcast to the watching thousands who make up the jury. Once the verdict is cast, the man who calls himself ‘The Jackdaw’ will be judge and executioner.
Live or die?
DI Sean Corrigan and his Special Investigations Unit are under pressure to solve this case fast. But as The Jackdaw’s popularity grows, Corrigan realises he’s hunting a dangerously clever and elusive adversary – one who won’t stop until his mission is complete.

My verdict
The Jackdaw is a fast-paced police procedural thriller with lots of twists and turns. This is the fourth DI Sean Corrigan novel. I haven't read the first three books in the series, so read this as a standalone. Although I was missing previous background information to some of the key characters and their relationships, I don't feel that this detracted from the plot.

A hooded vigilante known as the Jackdaw is kidnapping wealthy Londoners, all with links to the greedy banking industry. Putting them on trial on 'Your View' (a YouTube equivalent), he invites his audience to be the jury, voting whether the victims are guilty or not guilty. Once the public has voted, the Jackdaw gets the final word as judge and executioner. As the Jackdaw's popularity grows, journalist Jackson will do anything to get a front page story. And DI Sean Corrigan is under pressure to solve the case.

I was engrossed in The Jackdaw all the way through and couldn't put it down. I love the author's writing style - intriguing, very visual and highly polished. DI Corrigan's character is well developed, and it's clear that he has a very dark, damaged and possibly destructive personality.

Hopefully I will read the first three books soon. And I will be looking out for the fifth book in the series when it's published.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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