Wednesday 27 April 2016

My 'One Woman' Twitter Campaigns - why?

If you've been on Twitter over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed my two 'One Woman' Twitter campaigns, encouraging people to:
(1) 'not just buy bargain books' 
(2) 'review the books they love'

I've had authors and publishers thank me for my tweets and a large number of comments and retweets. I appreciate every one of them. But that's not why I'm doing it. 

Good books are priceless
I LOVE reading. Always have done and always will. A good book can whisk you off to faraway places, introduce you to the wonders of the world (or other worlds) and enable you to meet a whole host of characters (good and bad). It can make you smile, laugh, cry, think, contemplate, shake, gasp ... a well-written book can trigger so many emotions. 

If a book's THAT GOOD, you'll want to read it again and again. 

So why just stick to the bargains? 

Look around Amazon, visit your local bookshop, local library, follow #BookLove on Twitter to see ALL the fabulous books out there, not just the cheap ones or the free ones. 

People don't think twice about paying for a coffee that lasts a few minutes. Books can last a lifetime. Choose books because they sound FANTASTIC, not based on their price.

Authors spend months, sometimes years, writing - and re-writing - their books. Their blood, sweat, tears and heartache fill those pages. They've deliberated over every word. Created characters that you can believe in. Developed stories that will wow you - and will last forever. 

A beautifully-written book really is priceless.  So why not splash out? 

There are so many brilliant books available. 

It's just a case of finding them. 

Which brings me on to my other 'campaign'.

#WriteAReview - Review the books you love
If you love a book that much, you'll want the world to know. Help the author out by telling your friends, family, Twitter pals, Facebook friends... even people in the street. And don't forget to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads and other websites/online book clubs. 

If you don't tell people about the books you love, no one else will find them. Books often only get promoted on Amazon (i.e. picked up by the algorithms) if they have enough good reviews. Which means fantastic books may not get near the top of the charts. Most people only look at the top charts when they're choosing a book, or just choose bargain, reduced price or free books.

Anyone can write a review - you don't need to be a book blogger. Just a few words will do. Write from the heart.

Even if you don't like a book, you can still leave a review. But remember that authors are people too - with real feelings!

So this is why I've started my two Twitter campaigns. I have no idea whether anyone is listening or taking notice. But these are both #BookLove issues that I feel strongly about. 



  1. Such an interesting post. And as you say it is important to keep reviewing - I think often that people are a little apprehensive of putting their thoughts together and putting them in the public domain. But as you say, a few words will do! People don't, I think, realise that each and every review helps an author on Amazon, with Amazon's algorithms...

  2. Exactly. It's often the only way brilliant books get seen. Amazon's algorithms won't pick books up if they don't have enough good reviews - so they don't get promoted. Which is why people who love a book should write a review if they can. I'm frustrated by the number of fantastic books that are being missed by readers who only look at the top charts or only buy bargains (i.e. cheap, reduced or free books). Books should be cherished and valued. People don't think twice about paying for a coffee that lasts a few minutes. Books can last a lifetime.

  3. I noticed your Twitter campaign!

    Love great books too and, yes, I do always write a review ;-) It's amazing how the simple act of reading can transport me to different places, times and cultures, all from the relative comfort of my caravan bench.

    Stephanie Jane

  4. I'm with Julie - go you, Victoria. I've seen (and retweeted!) your wonderful tweets and on behalf of authors everywhere. Thank you :-)

  5. I’m really grateful to the readers who’ve reviewed my novel – it’s such an act of generosity, and I try to do likewise on my blog. But I’ve also had countless promises to review from people who, for whatever reason, don’t get round to it. I think that those who aren’t very active online in other ways, it can feel quite daunting, even when, as you say, reviews don’t need to be longer than a sentence.

  6. I have cluelessly missed this campaign, but you are absolutely awesome! Both the author and the reader in me agrees! *two thumbs up*