Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Deep Blue Trouble by Steph Broadribb

Deep Blue Trouble
By Steph Broadribb
Published by Orenda Books (E-book - 15 November 2017; Paperback - 5 January 2018)

Publisher's description
Her daughter Dakota is safe, but her cancer is threatening a comeback, and Lori needs JT - Dakota's daddy and the man who taught Lori everything - alive and kicking. Problem is, he's behind bars, and heading for death row. Desperate to save him, Lori does a deal, taking on off-the-books job from shady FBI agent Alex Monroe. Bring back on-the-run felon, Gibson 'The Fish' Fletcher, and JT walks free. Teaming up with local bounty hunter Dez McGregor threatens to put the whole job in danger. But this is one job she's got to get right, or she'll lose everything...

My verdict
Wow! Steph Broadribb has done it again. Yes, kick-ass bounty hunter Lori Anderson is back in Deep Blue Trouble  - which is even better than the first book in this series, Deep Down Dead.

I read this book early - really early - thanks to an error at Amazon UK, which delivered the e-book to my Kindle nearly three weeks before it was actually published. Well, I couldn't NOT read it straight away, could I?!

I devoured Deep Blue Trouble in just a few hours (three short sittings overall), reluctantly having to put it down to go to sleep and then leave the house but diving straight back in as soon as I could do so.

Lori is doing an off-the-books job for FBI agent Alex Monroe, searching for an escaped felon. But is Agent Monroe being as straight with her as he claims to be? Or is he putting her life in danger? When Lori teams up with a local bounty hunter, McGregor, there's tension from the outset. She is being threatened too, and has everything to lose if this job goes pear-shaped. So no pressure then...

Yet again, Steph Broadribb has written a fast-paced action thriller.  Lori is fearless but also has plenty of heart, as well as determination and skills and maybe some luck too. This time, she leaves her nine-year-old daughter Dakota behind while she does her job, but that doesn't mean motherhood is out of her mind. In fact, everything Lori does is for Dakota's benefit, even trying to get JT (Dakota's father) out of jail and away from death row. She's constantly in fear that Dakota's cancer will come back, and will do anything to keep her daughter safe.

In Deep Blue Trouble, Lori isn't working alone, as there are several others helping her behind the scenes. JT is back too, and this time he has a voice, so you can really get inside his head.

I'm loving this series - it's fresh, fun and a rollercoaster read each time. There's a short story (The Last Resort) you can download too, which provides even more background to Lori and JT's relationship. I can't wait for the next book (though I know it will be a long wait) - I'm (not-so-)secretly hoping there will be even more of JT in there!

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