Monday, 11 December 2017

Tattletale by Sarah J Naughton

By Sarah J Naughton
Published by Trapeze (21 September 2017)
I bought the paperback of this book, not realising I already had a digital Advance Reader Copy from the publisher through NetGalley

Publisher's description
One day changes Jody's life forever. She has shut herself down, haunted by her memories and unable to trust anyone. But then she meets Abe, the perfect stranger next door and suddenly life seems full of possibility and hope.
One day changes Mags's life forever. After years of estrangement from her family, Mags receives a shocking phone call. Her brother Abe is in hospital and no-one knows what happened to him. She meets his fiancé Jody, and gradually pieces together the ruins of the life she left behind. But the pieces don't quite seem to fit...

My verdict
Tattletale is a complex story of obsessional love, murder and revenge and is filled with secrets and lies.

It took me a while to get into this psychological thriller, I admit, but once everything clicked into place I raced through it, even though it wasn't a comfortable read at times. The book is filled with suspense and covers some dark contemporary themes.

Much of what happens occurs inside the character's heads, and there's also plenty of reading between the lines. Mags, Jody and Mira are all unreliable narrators, so it was difficult to know whether any of them could be trusted. I was intrigued to discover how Mags and Jody's pasts that led to the present day - and how early memories and events can shape children into the adults they become.

Several other characters in the book are also harbouring secrets, which was heartbreaking in places. Clever plotting meant that there were several surprises (although I did guess some of the twists along the way), and one scene in particular made me gasp out loud. The tension built up to a dramatic ending and a satisfying conclusion.

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