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A Killing Moon by Steven Dunne

A Killing Moon
By Steven Dunne
Published by Headline (7 May 2015; paperback 13 August 2015)
ISBN: 978-1472214928

Publisher's description
For the young woman kidnapped on her way home from the pub, the nightmare is about to begin….
Weeks after Caitlin Kinnear goes missing, the police are unable to break her case. Worse they are not even certain harm has come to her. But determined to pursue all leads, DI Damen Brook and his team begin to trawl through the murky world of cheap migrant labour. Convinced that the answers lie hidden within its depths, Brook soon begins to realise Caitlin is in terrible danger.
When the body of another young girl turns up it becomes clear that Caitlin's abduction might not be an isolated incident and the race is on to save her. But with time running out, can Brook put the pieces together and find Caitlin before it's too late?

My verdict
I read A Killing Moon as a standalone and really enjoyed it. It's the 5th book in the DI Damen Brook series. I had previously only read the first book The Reaper, missing out the other three books so far to read this one.

In this intriguing plot,  Irish student Caitlin Kinnear is reported missing, yet the police are not convinced that any harm has come to her. Then their research revealed that several young women have disappeared over the last few months. When the body of one of these young women turns up, it seems that a series of kidnappings has taken place, with this one resulting in murder. Now that Caitlin's life is believed to be in danger, the race is on to find her.

A Killing Moon hooks you in from the first chapter. It has a complex plot with many twists and turns. The descriptions are gruesome in places, but in keeping with the well-crafted plot. The writing flows from beginning to end and kept me intrigued al the way through. I had no idea who was behind the kidnappings.

Brook is a great protagonist with a lack of social skills and twisted dark side. I now want to read the other three books even more, to see how he has developed over the series so far.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher through NetGalley and Bookbridgr in exchange for an honest review.

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