Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Day She Can't Forget by Meg Carter

I am delighted to be hosting today's stop on the blog tour for The Day She Can't Forget by Meg Carter. The Day She Can't Forget was published in e-book by Canelo on 24 October 2016.

The Day She Can't Forget
By Meg Carter
Published in e-book by Canelo (24 October 2016)

Publisher's description
It changed her life. But can she remember everything?
On a cold evening Zeb, a single mum in her thirties, is found wandering aimlessly on a remote road. She is dazed, confused and bloodied.
She doesn’t know where she is, or how she got there. She has travelled far from home and someone has attacked her.
Memory loss means she can trust no-one, and with her assailant unidentified, Zeb is desperate to be reunited with her son Matty, and to ensure their safety.

But what will her search for the truth uncover? Will it bring answers, or more questions? And what if the person she can rely on the least… is herself?

My verdict
The Day She Can't Forget is a slow-burning psychological thriller filled with secrets and lies.

Zeb has gaps in her memory after she is found wandering along a deserted road in Scotland. Slowly she starts to recall snippets of information but not how they all fit together. As she delves into the past, her search uncovers more than she bargains for and no longer knows who to trust.

The Day She Can't Forget provided some intriguing reading with a lot of plot packed into its pages. One story thread follows Zeb in her quest to discover the truth about why she was in Scotland and what happened to her there. Another focuses on Alma, a student in the 1970s who had lived a sheltered life, cushioned by overprotective parents, until she arrived in the hustle and bustle of London. How their two stories are intertwined was gradually revealed as the book progressed - and provided some twisty revelations.

The Day She Can't Forget should appeal to psychological thriller fans who enjoy time-shift plots. It's a story of how our past shapes not just our own future but that of our family too.

I received an Advance Reader Copy.

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