Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Off-the-Shelf Books - #BookLove2017

This year I've decided not to publish a Top Reads 2017 blog post. Instead, I'm doing something a little different, so you'll need to follow me on Twitter or Instagram (or both). 

Over the next few weeks at random times (because I'm not organised enough to do anything in a more organised fashion), I'll be tweeting lots of Book Love with the hashtag #BookLove2017. So do look out for my tweets (and Instagram posts) - starting today!

It's been a busy year, personally and professionally, in terms of work projects, blogging and family life. I've recently revised a bestselling baby care book - more on that next year once the revised version is published. And this means I'll hopefully be going back to writing fiction in the New Year after a few months' off. If anyone wants to give me lots of encouragement (or a push, if you'd prefer), feel free to do so. I think I probably need to give myself a deadline for my first draft (which is already at 70K so not long to go).

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I've even designed some special banners for my #BookLove2017! Here are three tasters: 


Hope to see you on Twitter & Instagram!

Off-the-Shelf Books turns THREE on 30th December - so more #BookLove2017 to come. 

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