Tuesday, 30 December 2014

No One Sees Me 'Til I Fall by Jen J Danna

No One Sees Me 'Til I Fall
by Jen J Danna with Ann Vanderlaan

Published by Five Star Publishing (24 November 2013)

Goodreads description
Only the joint forces of science and law enforcement can help when a young woman is found brutally murdered with her identity erased.

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Leigh Abbott and forensic anthropologist Matt Lowell come together to solve their second case when the remains of a young woman are found, thrown away like garbage at a local landfill. But what seems straightforward becomes something much more sinister when the victim’s bone damage reveals a shocking history of abuse. It will take reliving the horrors of Matt’s military background, all the team’s forensic skills, and Leigh’s intuition combined for them to catch the killer and give the victim the justice she deserves.

My verdict
I read this in one sitting - taking me only around an hour - as I couldn't actually put it down. It was just as good as Jen J Danna's first book, although a mini version as it's a novella rather than a novel. Still, it had all the same components - enjoyable storyline, forensic explanations and good characters. Having only just read the first book, it felt like a natural follow on, which is why I prefer to read a series of books (especially crime or thrillers) back to back until I run out of the books to read.

This time the crime had a cultural theme, which was interesting in itself, although a sad background story. These books seem to be very well researched as well, which is probably what makes them so appealing.

Looking forward to the next one.

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