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The Darkness Within by Lisa Stone - Extract - Blog Tour

I am delighted to be today's stop on the blog tour for The Darkness Within by Lisa Stone. The Darkness Within was published by Avon on 13 July 2017.

Here's the extract ...
(Pages 87 to 90)

Jacob got off the bus and headed for the bank. It felt good being out by himself, in control, and away from the rectory and his parents. They were doing his head in and it had to stop. Freedom rules, he thought, for now he’d done it once – reclaimed his independence – it would be easy to keep going. He had plans. A car was next. A decent one. He’d had an old banger that had finally given up on him just before he’d become ill. Originally he’d been going to save up for another car but that wasn’t going to happen with no salary coming in, and he couldn’t wait for ever. He’d been researching new cars online and had found there were some really good deals. Decent cars, fast ones that would give him power and status, that didn’t need much of a deposit. Once he’d met up with Chez and got his stuff, his plan was to go to the showrooms in town. He’d already spoken on the phone to a guy called Gary there who’d said that if his credit was OK, he could drive a car away. He felt his heart step up a beat at the thought. A new, flashy fast car was just what he needed.

‘Shit!’ Jacob said aloud, arriving outside the bank. A sign over the cash machine read: Out of order. We apologize for any inconvenience. ‘Shit,’ he said again. How long was the queue at the counter? He couldn’t risk being late for Chez.

Inside the bank he was relieved to see that there wasn’t a queue, and one of the cashiers was already free. He went up to the counter and the cashier, blonde and attractive, smiled at him, greeting him with a bright, ‘Good afternoon. How can I help you?’, like she was genuinely pleased to see him.

‘Good afternoon. My day just got a lot better. Unfortunately, I just want your money for today.’ He held her gaze and saw her blush. He liked that, shy, not confi­dent and overpowering. Eloise had become far too assertive lately and often reminded him of his mother.

She passed him the PINsentry reader and he inserted his card and entered his PIN. He slowly slid the card reader back across the counter and didn’t immediately remove his hand, so that as she took it her fingers brushed his. He saw her flush again.

‘How would you like your money?’ she asked.

‘However you’d like to give it to me,’ he said sugges­tively, holding her gaze.

The cashier sitting next to her heard and in a loud whisper, intended for him to hear, said jokingly, ‘You’d better watch that one.’

He laughed. ‘Twenties will be fine, thank you. Has anyone told you you’ve got a lovely smile?’ It sounded cheesy but it worked.

‘Thank-you,’ she said shyly.

He watched as she counted out his money. He could tell his gaze was making her self-conscious, unsure of herself.

‘Thank you so much,’ he said charmingly, taking the notes she passed him. ‘I’ll know where to come in future.’

She threw him a small smile and he moved away so she could serve the next customer. He stood to one side and sorted out his money. One hundred pounds in his pocket for Chez and the other fifty he tucked into his wallet.

Before he left the bank he turned and caught the blonde cashier’s eye. He grinned at her and she smiled back. His day was getting better by the minute. Next time he came in – and there would certainly be a next time – he’d ask her for her name.

Outside, his phone bleeped with a text message. It was from Chez. Meet in 10. Perfect timing, Jacob thought and texted back, OK. I’ll be there. He began a steady walk up the High Street towards the end of the town. After a couple of minutes he felt his heartbeat quicken as the adrenalin kicked in, just as the doctor had explained it would. Although he probably didn’t have this kind of exercise in mind, Jacob thought to himself – most likely he’d been thinking along the lines of using a treadmill in a gym rather than going to buy weed.

About The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within
By Lisa Stone
Published by Avon (13 July 2017)

Publisher's description
You know your son better than anyone. Don’t you?
When critically ill Jacob Wilson is given a life-saving heart transplant, his parents are relieved that their loving son has been saved.
However, before long, his family are forced to accept that something has changed in Jacob. Their once loving son is slowly being replaced by a violent man whose mood swings leave them terrified – but is it their fault?
Jacob’s girlfriend, Rosie, is convinced the man she loves is suffering from stress. But when his moods turn on her, she begins to doubt herself – and she can only hide the bruises for so long.
When a terrible crime is committed, Jacob’s family are forced to confront their darkest fears. Has the boy they raised become a monster? Or is someone else to blame?

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