Monday, 12 February 2018

Killed by Thomas Enger

By Thomas Enger
Published by Orenda Books (28 February 2018)
I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher.

Publisher's description
Determined to find his son's killer, Henning doggedly follows an increasingly dangerous trail, where dark hands from the past emerge to threaten everything. His ex-wife Nora is pregnant with another man's child, his sister Trine is implicated in the fire that killed his son and, with everyone he thought he could trust seemingly hiding something, Henning has nothing to lose … except his own life. 

My verdict
Killed follows on from the previous book, Cursed. I haven't read the first books in this series (just Cursed and now Killed), although I have bought them, but this didn't detract from my enjoyment at all. 

Yet again, Thomas Enger transported me to Norway, with investigative journalist Henning Juul on the trail of his son's killers and finally getting closer to the truth. This is a tense, fast paced and gripping read, pulling together various threads to tie up loose ends. I love the author's writing - the book is easy to read and filled with vivid descriptions of people and places - and I soon forgot that it was a translation.

Killed is a dramatic ending to a riveting series. The plot is dark, twisty and gritty, as Juul finds himself drawn further into the criminal underworld of Oslo, putting his life (and the lives of those around him) in danger. This is an emotional crime thriller filled with dark secrets, lies and revenge.

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