Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Choice by Samantha King

The Choice
By Samantha King
Published by Piatkus (10 August 2017)

Publisher's description
Madeleine lived for her children. She'd always believed she'd die for them too. But on the morning of her twins' tenth birthday her love was put to the test when a killer knocked on their door and forced her to make a devastating choice: which child should live, and which should die - her son, or her daughter?
Madeleine stands silent on the periphery of her fractured family, trying desperately to unravel why her world was so suddenly blown apart. But as memories of everything leading up to that tragic day return in agonising flashes, she begins to realise her family's life still hangs terrifyingly in the balance...

My verdict
Imagine you have two children. You can save only one of them and have to make a split-second decision. You choose. That's the premise of The Choice. Madeleine was forced to make that terrifying choice and it's been haunting her ever since, as she recovers from a family tragedy.

Intrigued? I certainly was when I chose to pick up this book, especially as it had received such rave reviews, and I certainly wasn't disappointed by my choice in doing so by the end.

The Choice is chilling, brilliantly twisty and filled with suspense. It explores memories and the fragility of the mind and is an emotional well-constructed psychological thriller  - one that's difficult to review without giving anything away about the plot.

This rollercoaster read played with my mind as Madeleine tried to make sense of recent events through her own memories of the past. I was glued to the pages, unable to put this book down, reading most of it in one sitting.  So many layers being unravelled as I turned the pages.

I can't say much more than that, other than buy it, read it and discover the 'wow' moments for yourself.

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