Thursday, 4 April 2019

Turbulent Wake by Paul Hardisty

Turbulent Wake
By Paul E. Hardisty
Published by Orenda Books (E-book: out now; Paperback: 16 May 2019)
I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher

Publisher's description
Ethan Scofield returns to the place of his birth to bury his father. Hidden in one of the upstairs rooms of the old man’s house he finds a strange manuscript, a collection of stories that seems to cover the whole of his father’s turbulent life.
As his own life starts to unravel, Ethan works his way through the manuscript, trying to find answers to the mysteries that have plagued him since he was a child. What happened to his little brother? Why was his mother taken from him? And why, in the end, when there was no one else left, did his own father push him away?

My verdict
Turbulent Wake is a round-the-world journey through a lifetime of regrets. This one-sided father-son story is intense and emotional - it's very different to Paul E. Hardisty's Claymore Straker series but just as compelling.

While Ethan Scofield takes centre stage, this is also the story of his father, Warren, and the relationship between them, gradually revealed as Ethan reads through Warren's manuscript after his death. The title of the book is perfect. The story reminded me of the ocean, switching between moments of calm and moments of turbulence, and back again. It's filled with mishaps and misadventures - life's ups and down, those we can control and those we can't. An insight into how the turbulence of our past can shape not just our future but the future of those around us.

The writing is sublime - the beautiful vivid descriptions of flora and fauna and exotic locations have lyrical rhythm. I felt as though I was on location myself, with Ethan, Warren, Helena and all of the other characters. Geography, science and geological references are carefully woven into the prose, with powerful environmental messages. So yet again, Paul E. Hardisty has written a book that not only entertained me but also educated me.

Turbulent Wake really showcases the author's writing talent. I read it twice because I loved it so much and to appreciate and discover the many layers. I could read this book forever and it's likely to become one of my all-time Orenda favourites.

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