Saturday, 3 January 2015

A Flame in the Wind of Death by Jen J Danna

A Flame in the Wind of Death
by Jen J Danna with Ann Vanderlaan
Published by Five Star Publishing (18 April 2014)

Goodreads description
At Halloween, Salem, Massachusetts is a hot spot for Witch and tourist alike. But when a murder spree begins, a cop and scientist must team up to find the killer before a media circus unleashes, panic ensues, and more victims are killed.Forensic anthropologist Matt Lowell and Massachusetts State Police Trooper Leigh Abbott are called in to investigate burned remains following a fire in a historic antique shop. As Matt, Leigh and their team of graduate students investigate the death, clues point to Salem’s traditional Witchcraft community. However, having dabbled in the Craft as a teenager, Leigh is skeptical that someone who has sworn an oath of good to all and harm to none would commit premeditative murder, let alone kill in such a vicious way.A second body is found in a similar fire and the team begins to suspect that coven members are being framed. Now they must solve the murders before 100,000 tourists overrun Salem for what could be the deadliest Halloween of their lives.

My verdict
The prologue sucked me into the story straight away with its vivid description of a fire set by an arsonist.

As the third book in the series, A Flame in the Wind of Death provided me with more background into the existing characters and an insight into what makes them tick. It also took the relationship between Leigh and Matt to a new level. Even the sex scene was beautifully written, neither smutty nor cliched.

By reading the book, I learnt a lot about the forensics of fire damage and also a rare medical condition that was a key part of the plot. Again, as with the previous books, all of the science was well explained in lay terms but as part of the story so it didn't feel like a textbook.

I enjoyed the ending and - as expected - it left me wanting more. This has become a new series for me to follow, and I look forward to the fourth book, which is being published next month (18 February 2015).

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