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A Very Big House in the Country by Claire Sandy - BLOG TOUR REVIEW

I am delighted to be today's stop on the BLOG TOUR for Claire Sandy's A Very Big House in the Country, which is published today (30th July 2015) by Pan Macmillan. Here is my review.

A Very Big House in the Country
By Claire Sandy
Published by Pan Macmillan (30 July 2015)
ISBN: 978-1447276258

Publisher's description
For one long hot summer in Devon, three families are sharing one very big house in the country. The Herreras: made up of two tired parents, three grumbling children and one promiscuous dog; the Littles: he's loaded (despite two divorces and five kids), she's gorgeous, but maybe the equation for a truly happy marriage is a bit more complicated than that; and the Browns, who seem oddly jumpy around people, but especially each other. By the pool, new friendships blossom; at the Aga door, resentments begin to simmer. Secret crushes are formed and secret cigarettes cadged by the teens, as the adults loosen their inhibitions with litres of white wine and start to get perhaps a little too honest ... Mother hen to all, Evie Herreras has a life-changing announcement to make, one that could rock the foundations of her family. But will someone else beat her to it?

My verdict
A Very Big House in the Country has some great 'laugh out loud' moments from the beginning, as Evie and Mike set off on their summer holiday with their family in tow.

Three seemingly mismatched families are taking a holiday together in a huge country house in Devon. You know from the outset that this holiday is likely to be a recipe for disaster. There's Evie and Mike with their three children, including moody teenager Scarlett. Clive with his trophy wife Shen and their young son Miles and baby Fang. Plus there's nanny Elizabetta and Clive's wayward teenage son Zane. And lastly there's the very jumpy Paula with her husband Jon and children Tilly (another moody teenager) and Amber. Oh, and don't forget the two dogs.

A Very Big House in the Country is a very easy holiday read. The book is filled with various madcap moments. There's also a clash of personalities, lifestyles and parenting skills, not to mention secrets revealed and a teenage romance. Some of the holidaymakers get closer than expected, while others learn a thing or two about themselves, as well as each other.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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