Friday, 17 July 2015

animorphia (adult colouring book) by Kerby Rosanes

By artist Kerby Rosanes
Published by Michael O'Mara Books (25 June 2015)
ISBN: 978-1-910552070

My verdict
animorphia is one of the quirkiest adult colouring book I have seen so far. I fell in love with the pictures containing bizarre creatures, woodland settings and unexpected objects. Each page was a wonder to take in before I even sat down to do any colouring. Each picture has intricate detail, but this isn't so small that it's difficult to colour.

It was a difficult decision, but I eventually chose this picture to start off with:

I used Derwent Academy Colour Pencils, which worked beautifully. I loved blending them with a Derwent Blender pencil. I also added in some Derwent Academy Flip Metallic Pencils.

The finished picture:

There are also pages with search puzzles and drawing pages, where you add to the picture. I added the tiny details on the two centre fish with a normal HB pencil (sorry for the poor photos!).

As you can see it's going to take a while to finish the page!

For anyone who prefers using pens for colouring, I also started another page using Staedtler triplus colour pens and Crayola washable pens. The paper is reasonably thick, and you couldn't see the pens on the back of the paper on the other side.

The finished picture:

New work in progress:

animorphia is a gorgeous book and, with over 45 large intricate colouring and drawing pages, it's well worth the money. I have really enjoyed spending time colouring these pictures and will continue to do so.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I would never have given thought to reviewing a colouring book but after seeing this I would. When everyone spoke of the adult colouring books I just imagined it would be like they were when I was a kid. I cannot get over how beautiful they are. I won an anti stress one with similar although not as in detail as this one.


  2. This one is gorgeous. I have some more to review from other publishers as well. They are all very different, but equally as lovely. It's been very relaxing. Now I just need to take very early retirement so I can read and colour all day long!

  3. Looks fab Vicki. I'm going to have to learn to blend as well as you do.

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