Friday, 12 February 2016

Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

Behind Closed Doors
By BA Paris
Published by Mira Books (11 February 2016)
ISBN: 978-1848454125

Publisher's description
Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace.
He has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You might not want to like them, but you do.
You’d like to get to know Grace better.
But it’s difficult, because you realise Jack and Grace are never apart.
Some might call this true love. Others might ask why Grace never answers the phone. Or how she can never meet for coffee, even though she doesn’t work. How she can cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim. And why there are bars on one of the bedroom windows.

Sometimes, the perfect marriage is the perfect lie.

My verdict
Wow. Just finished this book and 'wow' is all I can think right now. Behind Closed Doors is going to be massive in 2016. My emotions and thoughts switched from calm and intrigue through to shock, horror and nail-biting concern.

Behind Closed Doors is a definite must-read for psychological thriller fans. Jack and Grace appear to be the perfect couple, but are they? Read this book to discover what's really going on behind the scenes.

This book is beautifully written, amazingly plotted and just stunning. I read it in two sittings - I would have read it in one, but finished the first sitting at 12.30 am and I was just too tired to go on. But I then abandoned work for a couple of hours the following morning so I could finish it.

I have yet to find someone who has read it and hasn't loved it. It really is AMAZING! If I could give it 10 stars, I would (five out of five just isn't enough).

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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