Friday, 26 February 2016

Reader, I Dumped Him by Lorelei Mathias - Blog Tour

I would like to welcome Lorelei Mathias to my blog today her Blog Tour. Lorelei talks book trailers – and Reader, I Dumped Him. Reader, I Dumped Him was published by Maze on 4 February 2016.

Q. What do Jordan Catalano, Barry from Eastenders and Lena Dunham all have in common?

A. They are all cameos in my new book trailer! Sort of.

Done in homage to one of my favourite films (with glimpses into many others), it is dedicated to anyone who's ever done a 'conscious uncoupling', or had their heart ripped out their bottom without any warning. So that’s everyone, right?

If you made it through the whole thing, then there’s a prize for whoever can tell me every single film/TV show that’s referenced (some are pretty vintage!). And there’s a bonus point for telling me how many people there are in it called Amelie. You’d need to be a bit of a geek, or to have read my first book Step on it, Cupid to get this though :)

Small bit of trivia: This film actually had it’s ‘premiere’ at the Romantic Novelists Association some years ago, when I gave a talk on ‘book marketing for little pockets’. In case you’re interested, here are the other two trailers I made for my first two, geek that I am!

Step on it Cupid – click here

Lost for Words – click here 

There’s something a bit ‘meta’ going on in the Lost For Words one, actually. It was a ‘Real Life BUC’ member’s idea to make it – so we all pulled together to make this one – much like in the book.

I could go on about book trailers all day, but I’ll leave it there for now! More here if you’re interested. And if you’d like any help making one, I’m always up for that, so please get in touch.

Thanks for watching, and reading xxx

About the Book

Reader, I Dumped Him
By Lorelei Mathias
Published by Maze (4 February 2016)

Publisher's description
Relationships come and go, but the Break-up Club membership never truly expires.
Holly Braithwaite and loveable loser Lawrence have been together for five years. But the obvious cracks in their relationship can no longer be ignored and Holly soon finds herself saying ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’
In the shock aftermath of their break up, Holly finds unlikely companions in Olivia, Harry and Bella. Together, they form the Break-up Club, as they support each other through their mutual melancholy and find ways to love, laugh and function as human beings again.
Break-up Club meets every Sunday. Each week, as the comedy and drama unfolds, they discover a new BUC ‘rule’. And, one by one, the rules become vital markers on their journey to recovery . . .

Find out more about Lorelei Mathias on her website and Twitter - @loreleimathias

Find out more about Reader, I Dumped Him and the Break Up Club by clicking here

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