Friday, 23 June 2017

Woman of the Hour by Jane Lythell

Woman of the Hour
By Jane Lythell
Published by Head of Zeus (3 November 2016)

Publisher's description
Meet Liz Lyon: respected TV producer, stressed-out executive, guilty single mother. 
StoryWorld is the nation's favourite morning show, and producer Liz Lyon wants to keep it that way. Her job is to turn real-life stories into thrilling TV – and keep a lid on the scandals and backbiting that happen off-stage. 
But then simmering tensions erupt at the station, trapping Liz in a game of one-upmanship where she doesn't know the rules. As the power struggle intensifies, can Liz keep her cool and keep her job? Does she even want to? 

My verdict
Woman of the Hour is an intense fictional look at what goes on behind the scenes in the pressurised world of live morning TV. It's certainly not as glamorous as people are often led to believe.

In places, Woman of the Hour reads more like memoir than fiction, providing an honest and realistic account. Jane Lythell clearly knows her subject, having worked in TV for years, and this shines through in her writing with so much detail described - in terms of setting, daily lives and people's rising emotions. It was fascinating reading, filled with secrets, lies, ambition and power. Some things made me laugh, others brought tears to my eyes - and then there was some events that made me cringe. There are a wide range of characters, many with big egos and others that I couldn't help but hate.

The chapters alternate between Liz's work life and her home life, showing how she juggles the two (often struggling to do so) and how each impacts upon the other, shaping her responses to people and events. This book explores whether working women really can have it all - being good mothers while rising in their careers. It also looks at the trials and tribulations of single motherhood and dealing with feisty teenagers.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the author.

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