Sunday, 27 December 2015

Authors' Top Reads of 2015... Coming this week

So as book bloggers, Liz Barnsley (Liz Loves Books) and I had a great time creating our top reads of 2015 posts – and doing some other shout outs the other night on Twitter (which we will probably do again some time this week) but what about the other side of the equation? Those lovely authors who have entertained us this year and will do again are also readers too!

We have asked a whole plethora of lovely writer folk to provide us with ONE read that they have loved this year – and a little sentence or two on why. Over the next few days, with a final post on New Years Eve to round off the year nicely, you will be able to see these shared between this blog and Liz Loves Books, with a few authors each day giving a shout out for their reads of the year.

So want to know which book Elizabeth Haynes loved? Or what one novel had Linwood Barclay avidly turning pages? Personally I was fascinated to find out which book debut author Louise Beech loved this year, especially as she was one of my own favourite reads in 2015.

Join both Liz and I here and over at her place ( on Tuesday 29, Wed 30 and Thurs 31 December to get some hot tips for the best books read in 2015 by some of the wonderful and talented people WE have been reading…

Don’t miss it!

Happy Reading Folks!

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