Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rules For Thursday Lovers by Yana Stajno

Rules For Thursday Lovers
By Yana Stajno
Published by Clink Street Publishing (16 July 2015)
ISBN: 978-1910782125

Publisher's description
When old school friends, Angie and Fiona, bump into one another at a rather drunken timeshare event aboard a barge on the river Thames, their reunion will prove to be auspicious. Bored with her life, Fiona insists they both need some excitement. Their marriages have grown stale; their previous hopes and dreams confined to the top shelf, just out of reach. Both women crave romance, not a timeshare apartment. Timesharing a lover; now that would be interesting... Auditions are swiftly convened at London Zoo, with hopefuls including a language student, an opera singer and a pickpocket. Their advert also falls into the hands of a young lawyer called Jake, a colleague of Angie's solicitor husband on a sperm-ownership case. To make sure they each play fair, the women create a list of rules by which they will court and enjoy a man of their mutual choosing. But when has love ever been fair, especially amongst friends?

My verdict
Rules For Thursday Lovers is a humorous story about two middle-aged women who want to liven up their seemingly boring lives.

When old school friends Angie and Fiona meet at a timeshare holiday event, they decide that they need some fun. Rather than take up a new hobby, the two married women rent an apartment and advertise for a timeshare lover. But obviously not everything goes to plan, as the women struggle to find a lover that they can easily share. A series of disasters lead Angie and Fiona to learn a lot about themselves, their lives and about their loved ones.

Rules For Thursday Lovers reminded me of a Carry On film. It's a bit predictable in places but this just seemed to add to the entertainment. I was surprised that Angie agreed to Fiona's idea in the first place, as the women hadn't seen each other for years and Angie didn't seem like a naturally adventurous person. She certainly surprised me bwith her enthusiasm.

Some of the subplots weren't always easy to follow and seemed to go a little off tangent until the end, when everything came together. Overall this is a funny and entertaining slightly off-beat book.

I received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

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