Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Last Kiss Goodbye by Tasmina Perry

The Last Kiss Goodbye
By Tasmina Perry
Published by Headline (10 September 2015)
ISBN: 978-1472208408

Publisher's description
Everyone remembers their first kiss. But what about the last?
1961. Journalist Rosamund Bailey is ready to change the world. When she meets explorer and man about town Dominic Blake, she realises she has found the love of her life. Just as happiness is in their grasp, the worst happens, and their future is snatched away.

2014. Deep in the vaults of a museum, archivist Abby Morgan stumbles upon a breathtaking find. A faded photograph of a man saying goodbye to the woman he loves. Looking for a way to escape her own heartache, Abby becomes obsessed with the story, little realising that behind the image frozen in time lies a secret altogether more extraordinary.

My verdict
The Last Kiss Goodbye is a lovely emotional read with an intriguing story at its heart.

Abby is working as a museum archivist, looking into the lives of the great explorers over the previous decades. When she finds a faded photograph showing a couple deeply in love, she becomes obsessed with discovering more about their past. What happened to explorer Dominic Blake, who disappeared deep into the Amazon soon after this photograph was taken? Meanwhile, Abby is newly separated from her husband and has big decisions to make about her future.

This is a story of love, passion, deception, mystery and suspense. I loved the characters and warmed to them straight away. The story kept me engrossed all the way through; like Abby, I was desperate to know what had happened to Dominic. And when I discovered the truth, it came as a complete surprise.

Tasmina Perry writes very readable books. The writing flows well, as does the plot, and the book is written with a lot of emotion. I finished reading it with tears in my eyes.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher through Lovereading in exchange for an honest review.

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